Passionate about British Steaks, Cornish Seafood & sustainable farming throughout the UK.

We are
out lane social

You’ll find we’re an incredibly passionate bunch when it comes to the food we serve & the farms we work with.  You’ll also find we care deeply about the way in which food is eaten & shared!  The spirit, atmosphere & interaction between friends, family and loved ones means everything to us. Hence the strong connection to the word Social within our name, within our team and within the village we serve.

adjective: social, relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure. From the latin socius, meaning friends.

Of course, our restaurant exists because we want to deliver great food, doesn’t everyone?  The spirit in which families & friends sit down to eat is important to us.  Those special moments, the chance to sit back, relax, talk, catch up & switch off is why we exist.  We’re committed to ensuring that from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, we’ve made a difference to your day.

Our food

We’re driven by a desire to showcase the best British beef that our country has to offer, from some incredible farms throughout the UK (as well as local to our village, of course)! The farmers we work with ensure their cattle have led a stress-free life & been fed solely on grass & hay.  Animal welfare is a non-negotiable for us, we want to know that the cattle led the most natural life they could, grew slowly & naturally & matured completely stress free.

We’re privileged to work with our friend & supplier Butcher Farrell, a local artisan butcher who shares both our ethos & passion. And who continually exceeds our expectations with the meat that he provides. Thankyou Jonny & team.

Our passion for British beef is equalled by our love of seafood!  We’re proud Lancastrians, with equally proud Cornish connections.  The seafood we serve is responsibly fished from small boats, run by Cornish fisherman & is never imported from overseas.  Our family run, Cornish fishmonger ensures our sustainable & ethically sourced fish arrives into Newlyn market at the break of dawn & is in our restaurant within 12 hours.

Our Drinks

Our wines have been handpicked from small artisan & independent wineries, including some new & exciting English wines, as well as other favourites from around the world. All carefully chosen to pair well with your chosen food. Or try one of our Out Lane Openers, a range of incredible cocktails, handcrafted by our in-house mixologist.

Our beers come from independent breweries from the UK & Europe. We’re equally proud of our range of non-alcoholic lagers.

We are Out Lane Social & we very much look forward to welcoming you, your family & your friends to come and be social with us. Join us for lunch, dinner & Sunday roasts (almost as good as Mum’s).